Maximizing a bar’s profitability every second.
BarVision utilizes our patented hardware combined with cloud technologies to provide insight, solve problems and increase revenues.

A Technology Solution.

With wireless smart spouts, POS integration, and easy to read web-based reports, owners can keep daily tabs on alcohol sold, alcohol poured, estimated lost revenue and areas of opportunity like never before. Best of all, BarVision has a very minimal impact on operations.

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Measure and Track Liquor and Beer Pours.

In some bars and restaurants, as much as 30% of drink revenue can be lost due to over-pours, miss-rings, comps or carelessness. BarVision is a solution to minimize losses and improve profitability through automated tracking and reporting of liquor and beer pours and sales.

Why BarVision

"The biggest lesson I learned in the bar business is to focus on revenues. Dollars, not dimes."

~ Jon Taffer

Raise Standards, Lower Cost, Increase Income.
Proven technology with a proven team.

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