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BarVision utilizes patented technology hardware and cloud software to provide insight, identify opportunities, and increase revenues.

A Technology Solution

With wireless smart spouts, POS connection, and easy to read web-based reports, owners can keep tabs on alcohol sold, alcohol poured, estimated lost revenue and areas of opportunity like never before. Best of all, BarVision has minimal to no impact on operations.

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Measure and Track Liquor and Beer Pours

In some bars and restaurants, as much as 30% of drink revenue can be lost due to over-pours, miss-rings, comps or carelessness. BarVision is a solution to minimize losses and improve profitability through automated tracking and reporting of liquor and beer pours and sales. 

Why BarVision

"The biggest lesson I learned in the bar business is to focus on revenues. Dollars, not dimes."

~ Jon Taffer

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