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BarVision Platform: Unmatched Bar Performance


Getting a beverage operation to run at peak performance requires three key things: dedicated time, knowledge that is built upon years of experience and a goal-oriented team that is focused on maximizing your profits. Success as a general manager or bar manager demands setting aside time for audits and reviews. That’s time that could be spent working with employees or talking with customers. Imagine having actionable data delivered to you daily so managers can focus their time and attention where it matters most.

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The BarVision Advantage

Longest battery life and more references than all of our competitors combined. Unlike some of our competitors when we say it works we have years of experience to prove it.

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BarVision Lite

100 Spouts Max & No POS

BarVision Platform

Bar Performance taken to a new level

BarVision Solutions

Platform for Multiple Locations

The Liquor Spout


The Beer Tag


The Controller


The Reports

Easy Operations Integration

Why rework the way you operate your bar? With BarVision the spouts change but the way you operate doesn't, its that easy.

Inventory Made Easy

Tracking what comes in and what gets emptied, its that easy. Why spend so much time each week, let us do the work for you.

Optional: Video Connections

Can we connect to video camera? We sure can and we are about to do it for a couple of national chains and we can do it for you as well.

BarVision: Some of the POS connections we can make. SEE ALL

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  • pos_focus
  • pos_maitred
  • pos_pixelpoint
  • pos_positouch
  • pos_restaurantmanager
  • pos_squiral
  • pos_totaltouch
  • pos_winez
  • pos_2touch
  • pos_adelo
  • pos_future
  • pos_smile
  • pos_nextgendine
  • pos_aloha
  • pos_barvision_addyours

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