Why BarVision

Years of field experience, clients of all shapes and sizes, 7 solid patents and first in class software.

Guaranteed Results

We work with our clients to guarantee success. Our typical clients average a 5X* ROI on the BarVision System.

Real-Time Results

Actionable reports, cutting edge technology and 24/7 support. We are the undisputed leader in the liquor monitoring space.

BarVision: Maximize Your Bars Profits Today

Inventory systems alone just solve a need, BarVision actually helps reduce cost while helping with inventory.

Still not sure that BarVision can increase your bottomline?

Provide us with some detail and we will provide you with an estimated return on our system. Schedule a Demo
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"The month after BarVision was installed our liquor costs went from 22%-17% and they have stayed consistent every since. With the excess profits we have added with the BarVision system, we re-invested those profits into marketing and promotional pricing and have now made even far greater gains."

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"I wish we had BarVision years ago. We lowered our liquor cost to the lowest in 7 years. Our liquor costs were reduced by almost 30%. We have been putting over $2200 on our bottom line per month since the system went in."

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"Our liquor costs dropped and revenue went up. We have been making around $4800 per month additional since the system went in." Derek-Saint Louis, MO (Has had the BV system for two years and now has all three of his locations using our system)."

BarVision will:

  • Lower cost of goods
  • Give you real-time pour view
  • Ensure your profits
  • Insights into your inventory
  • Greater drink consistency
  • Spot training/staff problems quickly
  • Reduce time managing the numbers
  • Industry leading support